Let Us Explore National Employability Enhancement Mission NEEM Scheme

National Employability Enhancement Mission abbreviated as “NEEM” is a scheme in which degree holder youths are trained to be skill full as per industry requirements, So that they can work perfectly in their respective fields. Nowadays, apprenticeship training is done to create a pool of skilled workforce. It is assumed as the best way to train the apprentices to be skilled manpower worldwide. India has also enormous potential to improve the availability of skilled workforce.

Youth unemployability is the growing challenge in India. The central government is aware of this and NEEM scheme is the first step taken by Indian government in this direction to resolve this problem. Degree holders are the powerful vehicle for improving employability. Because youths like to earn while learning. In NEEM scheme apprentices get an opportunity to do their best and get a on the job training in their own skillsets.

They get a chance to work on advanced machines and equipments to enhance their skills, experience and desirable attitude which will help them get attractive job with best remunerative packages or explore opportunities of self-employment. Youths will get a minimal wage of unskilled worker as stipend during NEEM scheme on the job training. But after working in this they can be the next dynamites for any related industry.

This mission is also helpful for the individuals who have either continued or discontinued degrees and also for the persons pursuing degree courses. Most of the youth get degree but have no practical knowledge on how to work in an industry. Those students are prepared for the upcoming job in various related industries. Students pursuing degree or diploma courses at any of the technical institutes approved by the Government can be part of NEEM scheme. Candidates from a non-technical stream or those having discontinued their studies after Class X are also eligible for on-job training to enhance their employability in the industry and other sectors

In this scheme facilitators formulate many programs for degree holder apprentices. Indian ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship will also help in this regard.

It will help unemployed youth to build skills through learning by doing on the job training at related industries. India is the land of great opportunities but in the absence of skilled workforce it looses a lot. By NEEM scheme the youth will be trained to be skillful, so that industries will hire them hand by hand. In this manner unemployability will be completely changed into great employability.

There are many youth who have a degree of Engineering, MBA, MCA but are unemployed. This scheme will train them how to work in an industry. The youth would spend their precious time in gaining redundant skills by this scheme.

In search of more & more candidates to get on the job training, the government revised the minimum and maximum age limits for trainees. The candidate seeking training under NEEM shall be at least 16 years of age and not more than 40 years of age.

Globalization and liberalization of economy has created a good bit of competition in the industry. Companies from any industry with a proven expertise in the field of manufacturing and / or services and is desirous of providing on the job training. In this regard any private educational organization with annual turnover of Rs 5 crores to 25 crores or even more is eligible for registration as the NEEM facilitators, provided they have the capacity to train at least 1000 candidates per year. Student will undergo on-the-job training (five days a week) with a Skill Knowledge Provider (SKP) as a ‘trainee’. No employer-employee relationship during NEEM scheme.

The mission of this scheme is that no more unemployed youth will wander here and there as an unskilled workforce and every youth will be skillful and hence they can get job easily.

Source by Rosario Berry

Understanding Autism – How Children With Autism Use Their Psychic Abilities – A Clairvoyant’s View

Most autistic children I have observed were smart and knew what was going on. They usually had normal intelligence. Besides that, the children with  autism  whom I have clairvoyantly studied were able to “read” the minds of their parents, playmates, and teachers. They knew how their parents and teachers thought and felt about them.

Baby psychology and parent psychology are interconnected. The subconscious dimension is the truer and most influential dimension of our humanness. There is no understanding  autism  and the true  causes  of  autism  without understanding this key fact.

Their clairvoyance was not unusual. I have recorded hundreds of clairvoyant readings on babies in the womb, and recorded over 1200 readings that were investigations into the subconscious of individuals suffering a wide range of psychological and behavior disorders. It seems clear that all humans, from the start, are naturally clairvoyant. We use our clairvoyant abilities to communicate subconsciously with our parents in primitive psychic-energetic ways.

I found it amazing that children with  autism  were able to do that because they were so intensely inwardly focused. Nevertheless, the way they accomplished the “clairvoyant observations” of the subconscious thoughts and feelings of their parents, teachers, and playmates was due to their “inner subconscious recognition abilities.” They used their psychic perceptual abilities to ascertain what was going on in their situations and relationships. They did this without putting their conscious attention “outward`” in any meaningful or consistent way. The children made similar clairvoyant excursions while they were babies in the womb and became extremely proficient in “psychic observation and deduction.”

Autistic children accomplish remote psychic viewing by keeping their attention focused inward and focusing psychically outward on a parent, teacher, caretaker, or other person’s subconscious psychological reality.

Much of the time, the children with  autism  were able to discern an accurate assessment of a person or what was happening in his or her physical environment. Their perceptions were not accurate when they had many selfish desires or were indulging in selfish illusions in relation to what they were looking at. The same is true of all us humans of any age. We are all able to accurately perceive actual truth and reality whenever we are willing to look without restricting our perception with selfishly controlled ideas, desires, or illusions.

Since autistic children usually will not genuinely communicate verbally or physically, they resort to “psychic communications” as a substitute. They become quite adept at it because it is their most basic form of communication and they use it constantly.

The children with  autism  who were good at math were living very much in a part of the “abstract or psychic world” in which they “saw” numbers and math equations and did not have to “think” them through. They actually saw answers. They saw colors, which were the colors of real energies. They saw colors are energies and numbers in the same way. When they learned something, they remembered in pictures, and could go back to the pictures in the abstract-psychic realm in their minds.

This abstract-psychic realm was not a “pretend world.”

In their pretend world, which is the “mental realm,” the children would “think” and “imagine” things from controlled ideas and illusions. When in an abstract or psychic mode, some were very good at math and playing computer games, but did not relate or play well with other children.  Autism  is an isolated experience.

On a deep subconscious level, the parents I studied did not want their children and did not want them from the start. All of the autistic children I have clairvoyantly observed were extremely psychically aware and had been from the time they were inside the womb. Most importantly, to reiterate, they are psychically aware of the subconscious intentions, thoughts, feelings, and actions of their parents and others close by. The children with  autism  were all in severe selfish reaction to what they were seeing and feeling from both their mothers and fathers.

The children with  autism  were often confused and frustrated by the dichotomy between their parents’ conscious and subconscious attitudes and behaviors. “On top” an autistic child’s parent may have been appearing to be caring for image sake, but underneath, subconsciously, it was a very different story. Autistic children relate to the “underneath.” They may not know exactly why they are the way they are, or why they do the things they do, but, consciously, they did know they were in much reaction to their parents.

If their parents were willing to use their own psychic abilities and “read” their children (and themselves), there might be a good chance for healing. Of course, there would also have to be a sincere change of heart.

Unfortunately, most parents of autistic children do not want to see that what they are doing and how they are being that is unloving and wrong. They also will probably not want to see their destructive intentions in relation to their autistic children.

Waiver: This information is offered for educational purposes only and is not intended to serve as medical advice. The information provided should not be used for diagnosing or treating a health problem or disease. It is not a substitute for professional care. If your child, teen, or you have any health concerns, please consult your health care provider.

Source by Jean Mastellone